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It’s Spring in Estonia, the clouds have opened sky for direct sunlight, grass is vibrant green and Primula veris – the source of C-vitamin, is out from the ground. Could not fell into a better timeframe than this to land from a second around the World trip.

Been in the desert and mountains of North America – building the Man and a labyrinth at Black Rock Desert, cleaning up the impermanent city of an unlimited creativity after the burn. Taken care of two goats and three peacocks. Explored the incredible Nepal with it’s loving and generous people and breathtaking landscape. Observed through drawing and enjoyed the art and music of Wonderfruit Festival in Thailand. Last days of the year 2015 walked alone from North of the Koh Phangan island to the South – to the dance floor of Guy’s Bar, taking the way through a jungle, while jumping for a swim in each beach on the way and sleeping in a hammock. Built a terrace for Klipschorn speakers and dancing. Fixed a crazy mountain road with concrete. Drank a lot of Chinese tea! Prepared two vegetable gardens in this Spring – one in Thailand and one in North California. All activities accompanied by wonderful people and lot of humour and dancing.

The last cherry on the Around the World cake was drawing the story of the Further Future at Moapa River Reservation (near Las Vegas).

But just before I headed to the desert near Vegas, I had a chance to visit my mother, her husband and my travelling 94-year old grandmother in South California. And also the hero of many stories – Layna Joy Rivas in North Cali. After travelling around in the East coast, she is back in Raven’s 7th Haven, which we now call Ravens Landing and rebuilding the home again for herself, Isaac and all the musicians and artists who find their way up there. While Layna was climbing trees and putting the roof on with Isaac, I was doing the thing I love the most – placing lava rocks and creating a vegetable garden. We filled one bed with tomato plants and as there is not much water in the land, we experimented with this to keep roots moisturised. Will see if it works!

To restore the water system, we rolled a 3000 gallon water tank up on a steep hill, as the previous one was completely melted during the fire. It was a crazy adventure, but we succeeded – fortunately keeping our hands and legs attached to the body. Now the Ravens Landing has a gravity feed water system again! That means – Life!

Also, while being there, we went chicken-shopping and got 6 new fancy chicks for the land.

Can’t wait to return and build a hot tub on the side of the hill with a spectacular view of the valley and up towards the open sky.



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