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° On the Way with Pu-erh












This week I’ve been travelling and drinking Pu-erh.

Pasha joined me in these actions up to Bangkok. We filled the thermos with Pu-erh and took the car to the mainland. While driving on the freeway and drinking tea, we had two other precious companions with us – the music and a girl who we rescued from Surat Thani.

After 8 hours of dancing in the car, we arrived to Bangkok, where we were welcomed by our beautiful friend Saara the Glittermama, whose kindness is unlimited and who truly masters the art of living.


While being in Bangkok, we looked up some vinyls and of course for the love towards Japanese food, we went to eat sushi in Miyabi – a carefully designed restaurant, which with its delicious food, detailed interior and people as true characters, create one a full journey to Japan and back.

Not far from the restaurant is a BeatGarden, where we headed for dancing and enjoying the good vibes from Small & Tall Soundsystem. It was an event organised by Saara’s friends – collective Exhale x Trust.

More drawings from BeatGarden – HERE


The next day I got on the flight out of Thailand literally on the last minute. During the run towards the departure gate, I observed myself from a distance – running in a spacious room under an enormous roof, full of details describing the beauty of its engineering. The body kept on running, but the thoughts stopped appearing and I could sense and observe everything around me with peace.

With this feeling I got to China and stayed overnight in the city – Guangzhou. Being there, without any effort of my own, I was noticed and asked to join for a Pu-erh in a tearoom, which I was passing by. The woman and a man at the table did not speak a word in English, but it was very comfortable to sit in silence with them, drink tea, laugh and draw. The tea master was curious one though, and she tried to communicate with me verbally, using translator. She asked if I believe that fate can make people friends.
The man at the table was more practical and taught me how to open a fan momentarily with a grace.

More drawings from Guangzhou, China – HERE


Now I’m in California, drinking Pu-erh, which I got from China and listening Vakabular’s track Puri from Ogo Ogo EP – an inspiring set of tracks which have been created in Bali.



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