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Photo credit // Fabian N Rieke


Eva Reiska is an artist and a traveler – collecting and creating stories in the form of drawings from around the World, as an illustrator. She also has a great interest in architecture – she enjoys transforming her 2D sketches into three-dimensional built forms. Most of her actual building skills have been acquired through seven years of the practical experience of being a carpenter at the Man Pavilion at Burning Man Festival, Black Rock City, Nevada. Eva also has a degree in Architectural Design from Tallinn University of Applied Sciences, Estonia. Completion of an exchange year at Brandenburg University of Technology, Germany, provided Eva with a forceful impetus to discover her own methods and allow playfulness into her work.

Eva is confident that anyone can draw and create art – and she reflects this attitude through her own work and as a traveler. Through her momentary drawings she brings herself to the present moment and it tends to affect people around. 

Eva appreciates and follows the saying by Miyamoto Musashi: “The Way is in training.”

Stories in Drawings webpage is a collection of treasures she has picked up or created on the Way.

Always with love and joy.