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° Daisy Bertelmine Laasberg




I Skyped with my 94-year old grandmother today. She is in Southern California at my mother’s and her husband Ed’s place. Like me, she is escaping from the cold weather in Estonia.

I asked her how was the flight there and she answered that she enjoyed it. So I proposed her that we should go paraclyding together, when she also likes flying. But her answer was straight no, because in her words she is too young to die and put herself into risky situations like that.

I am here now in Thailand greatly thanks to her. Add to the fact that she gave birth to my mother and my mother to me, I thank her for encouraging me to look life from a different perspective than I had used to. Few years ago I was lying next to her in a bed, tired from the sleepless nights of architecture studies and aside job. I remember the feeling of just being in silence and peace together with this calm and loving being. And then just out of nowhere she asked: “Eva, if you are always studying and working so hard, when do you live?”