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° Klipschorns, bamboo and the red cat





For two months we have been building a home for Klipschorns to hear Pasha’s LP through them. Finally yesterday we brought the speakers into their new place – on a terrace with smooth wooden floor, soundproof corners made of coconut fiber, amazing view over the jungle until the ocean. A view with dragonflies, several types of birds, butterflies and many more insects flying on the level of the eyes. Ants in all different sizes crawling and investigating new structures. And one red cat following us around.

The sound through the Klipschorns is so powerful and at the the same time very clear, so it is possible to speak and hear other person, even while the speakers are on. Their technology what the company carries on today has not changed from the time Klipsch created it 70 years ago. It made me think that at the same time, times before and times to come, there have been, are and will be speakers of all kind to overcome the ones before them. But how to create something better of a thing that proves to be perfect? There seem to be only two options – it could be either chosen – carried on or ignored.

Pasha talked to his father, who makes amplifiers. And when Pasha asked him, would it be possible to make them even better, his father was confused of his question: “Better? Of course not. Why you want to make them better, if everything works perfectly?”


Recently with my friends Pasha, Puk and Ann we discovered for ourselves a perfect game to carry on. A game, which is played by many artists around like Vo Trong Nghia, people in Ibuku,  and many others. Its about creating with bamboo. Also add to making things, young bamboo tastes delicious and the living plant is beautiful and perfect to draw separate areas in the garden.

But the most fun part is building structures and making patterns from this light, but incredibly strong material. I truly enjoy every part of the process – carrying, cleaning it with machete, putting it into place and fixing it. Puk is definitely a master of bamboo. But actually he is master of everything. Except one thing – his wife Ann is master of preparing the most delicious fish. Me and Pasha just follow like the red cat and learn everything from them. Like Puk says: “Easy!”

Time to end the story with the word as important as any other in this text. It’s written by the red cat, while he walked over the keyboard: “yhuhnn”


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