in Thailand

° CDJs and a concrete road





Nothing could make me more laugh and cry at the same time than waking up with a feeling of somebody chewing my hand. Sun, which used to be the alarm clock, changed into Nana – the dog. And for sure, it’s more effective.


After finishing the terrace, we moved to another project – building a concrete road. So for three days we have been digging sand and mixing concrete. These few moments we have outside of that, we draw, make music and cook for all.

Yesterday, after work, others went to our favourite herbal steam sauna near Wat Pho Temple in Baan Tai. But as I have an open wound on my leg (Koh Phangan usual Honda Wave burn), I could not join. Instead I went to another temple close by our house. Last time, when we all drove to the waterfall, I noticed a staircase in there with an enormous sculpture, which I wanted to draw. So I went there and walked up from the staircase to a hill, where I found a little house with a Buddha statue inside. The stairs and balcony were full on leaves and I thought, if I had a broom, I would love to wipe the leaves off. As I got to the highest platform, my thought became real. I took the broom and cleaned the balcony and stairs. Then sat down and drew. Creating the detailed image of the staircase, made me feel like I was back in Indonesia, drawing the temples of Bali.


While I’m writing, Pasha tests his new toys, which we picked up yesterday morning at the post office. Bringing two big boxes of equipment on a motorbike up on our hill is a fun on its own. Happy to survive another day.

With the mail, Pasha got some new vinyls and the main things – CDJs.

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