in Thailand

° Testing the new terrace




We finished building and asked our friends and family to join us for a dinner, breakfast and most of all – dancing, which we planned for a morning, but which happened naturally an evening before, due to fun music (electronic combined with live drums) and to Puk, who brought people hand by hand on the dance floor. For sure, dancing is the best and most playful way to test new constructions!

As for food, Puk and Ann prepared the most delicious and rich dinner. After meeting them, I probably can never enjoy Thai food as much as I enjoy it here every day. They surprise me every time. For breakfast Pasha’s mama cooked us perfect pancakes! I truly mean the word – perfect!

During the party, add to the invited guests, arrived also a stranger. It took few hours to understand that she came alone. But as she was so cute, it looked like everybody have known her for a long time. So she felt so welcomed, that she is still here…

One morning, after she had waken us up 4 times during the night, Pasha had enough and was ready to take her to the main road. First, he had to find his shoes, which keep on moving on their own after we got this visitor. We were ready to pick her up, but as we were observing in silence the cute orange-coloured puppy digging food scraps out from the ground, we decided to give her another chance.

Now I am looking videos how to train a hyper active dog and what do dogs eat. For my surprise I read that they should eat carrots. I went to the kitchen, cut a carrot and tried to feed her right away. But it seems that our buddy is not a raw vegan.

Just now, the red cat went crazy again. Actually the cat’s real name is Christoph. During the party one of the guests recognised him, as he had been there when the cat was born. Small island…

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