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° Madan Kumar Dahal




Meet Madan – my first Nepalese friend and a person thanks to whom you are reading these lines at He encouraged and physically helped me to make it happen!

In addition to the understanding of website making and programming, Madan has also more knowledge about Estonian economy than I do. For some time he has been interested in moving to one of the Baltic countries to start his business there. I am definitely looking forward to seeing it become true!

The drawing of Madan is made during Diwali festival in Kathmandu. He himself baked the roti – a circular pastry, showing a union of everyone who share it.

One more interesting perception that Madan has shared is that there are three types of people in the World –

Firstly, the ones who don’t know and they don’t know that they don’t know. Secondly, the ones who don’t know, but they know that they don’t know. And thirdly, the ones who know, but they don’t know that they know.

Dhanyabad, Madan!

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