in Nepal

° Tunes of Kathmandu




While wondering around the streets in Thamel, Kathmandu, I met a musician Kamal Gandharha. He was playing a nepali instrument sarangi, which he had made himself. We sat down and shared our stories. It came out that he has a friend from Estonia, who had lived with him and his family for some time, enjoying the quiet and peaceful life in the mountains of Nepal. Now the Estonian friend is making ice cream in Germany. Sounds like a delicious Way.

In addition, Kamal introduced me traditional instruments he had with him. One was a murchunga (jews harp, in Estonian “parmupill”). As I had my danmoi (Vietnamese jews harp) with me, we created a duo, playing the tunes we catched from the moment.
After the music session Kamal asked me to draw him with his most favourite sarangi.

Before our paths separated, he showed me a way to a bus stop, where I hopped on a microbus towards Boudha with other 28 passengers pressed in this moving metal can.

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