in Thailand

° Family at Ban Sabai







Yesterday after roadworks we had again abundant dinner on the terrace with friends, who have become a family here in the island. So, when Puk says family goes to Psy Trance party, everybody have to go. No other option.

I’m not so synced with the psy trance music, but as we went to a dance party, I chose to move and observe the dance floor through drawing. Or as Pasha called it – I went fishing. It was a real workout for the body and also for the drawing skill – everybody moved so quickly and changed their positions constantly. Total chaos in the beginning, but as I stayed there for some time, I noticed the whole harmonious picture in the similar movements, characters, clothing, decorations. A whole culture.

Before we left, Puk showed us how to sit properly in the temple. When some family member marries or dies, all family goes to the temple to show respect by sitting for 2 hours without moving. With this story I had a flashback from the fun times at Vipassana. Two hours. Easy.

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