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° Aligna – a man who transforms trash into flowers







I met Aligna at Wonderfruit Festival here in Thailand. I had luck to be his assistant and  enjoy his presence during a flower-making workshop. He has been creating flowers from trash for 12 years now and loves to share the passion with others.

Being together with people like Aligna and experiencing the art, brings us all real happiness and inspire us to explore the creator in ourselves. Also shows how to arrange our environment in a way that it becomes more and more harmonious. The trash stays trash until we name it otherwise.

Wonderfruit Festival was a perfect place for us all to meet. To see again, I wish to bring somehow Aligna and the field of flowers or an art car full of giant metal blossoms to Burning Man. If any of you who is reading this and gets an idea to collaborate, feel free to contact him.


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