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° Draw Every Day






Today I read an article about the benefits of drawing. Recommend it and resonating with it completely through my own experience. That feeling got me inspired to share how I started drawing every day 8 years ago.

The decision came just out of nowhere. One morning I woke up and understood I have to draw every day. It was so clear. I felt inspired the first day and another and another… Until I didn’t. I remember having a morning coffee during that uninspiring day 8 years ago and thinking what to draw. The mind was blank.

But because of the underlying determination (that is my natural trade), I still grabbed a pencil and drew one small line.

“There. Done! – I have made a drawing today!”, I thought.

And while I was on it, I added the coffee cup also to the image…

On that morning I experienced how to create flow from nothing. And from there on. Every. Single. Day.

Drawing and intuition have lead me to extraordinary experiences – solo hikes in jungles of Thailand/Peru/Indonesia or mountains in Nepal, vibrant dance floors around the World, transformative festivals, deep connections with myself/nature/people, and much more.
But most of all – this practise has shown me the uniqueness in the ordinary, leading step by step towards simplicity. To the experience that love is enough. Here and now.

Know, that when you can hold a pencil, you can draw! Just leave your skeptic mind at rest and draw or do anything else that you love.


I illustrated the story with some old drawings from Italy (2010), Himalayan mountains in Nepal (2015) and from last weekend – dancing and drawing at Sunset stage in I Land Sound Festival (2019)