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° Club of Extraordinaries




I created the Stories in Drawings webpage in 2015 in Kathmandu, Nepal with an intention to share the stories of extraordinary people I meet on the Way. To show through the examples of others that we all have something unique to give to the World – it’s just finding that “extra” in ourselves to add some spice to the “ordinary”, which is the base that connects us all.

I don’t know if this intention lead me to meet Troy Swanson on a Sunday morning Bubbles and Bass dance party at Burning Man 2017 or was the reason something else. But definitely he applies to being extraordinary, as “Troy Swanson” is the answer to a question: 

How are genie lamp magic, founding a non-profit, building schools in India and Nepal, traveling the World as often as going to get groceries and Superheroes connected? 

He has expanded the answer even further – “and the Alphabet club“- a powerful not-for-profit organization, run by a crew of like-minded people, who focus on bringing more equality to this World, using love and celebration as tools. 

Now using the same tools to make a wish:

“Happy 13th Birthday Alphabet Club! You are extremely wonderful! Can’t wait to draw all of you part in it!”


Alphabet Club’s projects: HERE

Ways to contribute: VOLUNTEER or DONATE

For example:

10 EUR – School supplies for two children for one year

40 EUR – Sponsor a child’s Education for a month

120 EUR – Meals for 240 children for a day


Illustrating this story with multiple serendipitous meetings with Troy at Black Rock City and ELS (Burning Man European Leadership Summit) in Nantes, France; and with the people the Alphabet Club has impacted – like the kids and a staff of Vidyadaan School in Gaya, India, which I visited in May 2018, as it was naturally along the path.