in Mexico

° Playa Vision



Last year during Burning Man, when I was bicycling at deep playa, I noticed the lights of Mayan Warrior (no wonder – they are kind of hard to miss). SpontaneousIy, I stopped my ride and just looked at the scenery from a distance, when I saw through the mind’s eye a vision of myself dancing on a sand in the beach by the ocean next to Mayan Warrior art car, under palm trees and a brightening sky – just slightly before the Sunrise. I felt it fully and forgot. 

Now, a week ago in Tulum, Mexico I was dancing and drawing on a beach by the ocean throughout the night until the Sunrise. Being as sober as I was months ago on a playa far North – energised just by the music, the lights, the movements and the stars. Feeling the lightness of being on this continuous trip of a lifetime. I felt it fully and remembered.


Thank you Mayan Warrior crew and performers for this multilayered event – creating visual beauty through installations-decorations, lights (in the sky, on the water), placement of the performers among the crowd in the beginning (and how quickly the stage disappeared!); finely chosen lineup and well designed schedule – merging all the acts into one complete soundscape… 

I am truly grateful for this experience – feeling in awe and inspired both as an artist and event producer. 



+ I had heard Mira before, but this time I truly listened! Wow.