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° Beauty lies within the Burnt Forest – Sysimetsä




Being mostly disconnected from the Internet in the beginning of the year 2017 has made me more passive about writing and sharing stories in drawings on this page. On the other hand, I’ve invested more time for illustrating and creating projects to come. Also, learning and practicing the dance of collaboration!

One of these exciting ideas in making, is an art installation for Burning Man 2017 – Sysimetsä. Sharing here and now the proposal we – the Landing Ravens artist collective sent out to the World:


° The Landing Ravens Bio

The Landing Ravens Art Collective is created in the spirit of bringing artists together to work and play side by side in a world with a plethora of materials. We believe in inspiration through others and for others, and building a space that is free for radical thoughts and creative expression. It is our goal to gather artists of all types to work collaboratively on one vision or many. The sky has no limits, And we are the Landing Ravens!


° Project Summary

This project will be a memorial for the fires that destroyed Lake county, as well as a beloved art space by the name of Ravens Landing back in 2015. Participants will walk through a burnt forest, bringing it back to life through the interactivity of instrumental installations and sound sensitive lighting. This will be a space for reunion and gathering.


° Physical Description

There will be seven trees standing upright. Each tree will have a metal fabricated decorated sleeve that is anchored to the playa. Wood crafted Ravens will be placed throughout the forest on the branches of the trees, and bells and trinkets will sway and dance in the wind. In the center there will be an installation of a bonfire made from manzanita branches. Inside the branches flames made from stained glass resembling a fire will be hanging. The top of the installation will have a hand carved Raven as the ritualistic totem. Lights will shine from below and the winds will give fluidity and movement to the flames made of glass. Surrounding the trees will be benches where participants can hold space together and a crafted wishing stone will be set up for participants to write their manifestations, dreams, and desires and insert them into the stone thru a slit. From far away in the magic night, participants will be able to admire the array of colors bouncing off the trees in the forest from the sound sensitive lighting that is set up throughout the forest to motion at the slightest sound.


° Our Philosophy

In a culture that has become desensitized to natural disasters and tragedy, our mission is to create a space where not only participants can see, touch, and hear; they will be able to experience the feeling of being in the present surrounded by a burnt forest and rubble. But, the real magic begins when they look further and see the beauty it beholds, and thru devastation and loss there is always the Phoenix that rises with its creative energy to regrow and reconstruct a new beginning. This place is a temple for the old and new. A sacred piece of nature that is awoken to hold space to give thanks to what’s been given and what’s been taken. We believe change is the only constant grace given to Humankind and to embrace it in all ways is the only way to brighten our evolution. We hope in taking this project to the playa that it will communicate a feeling of hope and peace that as a whole we can, and will resurrect from any tragedy or devastation that is beholden to us. And we hope to express that through the eyes of the creative soul, beauty is all around us at all times. Experience, Accept, Be Thankful, And Recreate the world you want to live in.


° Mission & Interactivity

Participants will be able to interact with the forest in many ways:

  1. The Ravens sitting on the branches will have bells inside them that they can ring.
  2. The wishing stone will be a place to write and drop off their wishes and dreams.
  3. Handcrafted instruments made from the rubble of the fires will be able to be played to give life and sound back
    to the forest.
  4. The bonfire art installation will be a place to sit and hold space.
  5. The lighting will be interactive sound sensitive LED’s. When sounds are made the lights will shine lighting up
    the surrounding trees and filling the forest with color.


As of last year we have been funneling a lot of funds into building back up our Art Space, Ravens Landing. Due to this we have a lack of funds coming in, so we are kindly asking for your help to support the artist way to rise from the ashes – to continue making art.



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