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° Two Thousand Seventeen

Happy year 2017! May you all enjoy happiness in it’s purest form and be kind towards one another!

On New Years Eve after serving a 10-day Vipassana course for 250 students in Occidental, CA, I got a ride back (with a beatboxing driver and a clown named Mrs. Strawberry) to Ravens Landing to be with Layna, Izek and the farm.

The first day of the year started with building and finishing a roof for Evary – a little house Layna and Izek built for me to stay in. It took them less than 10 days to make this surprise happen!

Now I have moved in and sitting behind a big beautiful wooden drawing desk facing a window with a view towards mountains in the distance and peacocks crossing in front.

I wonder, maybe it’s now time to let go of dreaming, as the actual experience of the reality has always proven to be much more than any kind of illusion.

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