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° Meetings of the mind



I connected with a dear friend Sophie today. We generated ideas, talked about borders and experiences and cleared out some hidden obstacles in our way. But all the entertainment and words in discussion meant nothing. The core of it all was to enjoy together this moment in time and feel the love and kindness we have for each other.

With this feeling I find it to be a perfect moment to share a picture I drew on the first day of this year. On that day, while sitting on a rock at Haad Yuan, I got an idea to create something and I tried to see what is the most easiest way to make it happen. While calming the mind, Alar Ojastu appeared in the thoughts. So I decided to write him later, as going back to the dance floor of Guy’s Bar seemed more important at that moment.

While I was dancing and interacting with the playfulness of the people around, I noticed familiar faces – Elina and Alar, just like ordered, but unexpectedly. Alar did not know how to help me in this specific field, but his and Elina’s wiseness brought clarity and opened up a true meaning of our little meeting of the mind.

While being together, I forgot thinking.



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