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° Lo De Marcos




So here I am – in Lo De Marcos, Mexico! 

The weather is perfectly warm, ocean within few minutes of walking distance, the fruits are delicious and air is fresh. Even the toilet paper smells like strawberries. 

I wake up daily at 5 am to do an hour sitting meditation. During that time the local priest starts waking up the town with fireworks, which sound a bit like bombs. The first morning I was prepared to find a battlefield behind the house, but fortunately peace ruled the day – Sun looking over the statue of pleased Virgen de Guadalupe. 

I am pleased by incredible birds – fregata magnificens. Seeing them and the gracious herons, I feel like a kid in awe of these birds’ majestic appearance. Actually many times during the day I forget the adulthood when getting into a play with a new super adorable friend Roland or when working on the Stories in Drawings book or designs for Jukotari. 

Through traveling the World I have noticed which places bring out which sides of me or in anybody. Similarly to Thailand, I feel here energetic and even more curious than usual. And also productive! Inspired to create and falling in love constantly. 


From January 5th to 13th 2019 Stories in Drawings will be in Tulum. When you have any recommendations, please share –

Would love to dance, draw and explore the Mayan ruins in Yucatán! 

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