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° Life is about sacrifice?




Yesterday while standing at a bus stop in Mission, San Francisco I noticed a musician. He had a bit worn-out, but a positive look and there was some information, that I felt I needed to receive from him. He pointed out my hat and appearance as being stunning and then shifted to the information: “Life is so short, we have to use it and don’t waste any time”. He added: “And life is about sacrifice”. We parted with a smile and I jumped on a bus with a question: “Is it?”. 

I see I have been living with this idea subconsciously – thinking of sacrificing a lot of things for living the life I’m living now – traveling continuously around the World, following the intuition and concentrating on creating art and supporting artists of all kind. I have had an underlying feeling that the cost to be myself has been not having a partner or a steady home or children. But looking back to the mindset I was in, before I took the lead of my own life, I feel lucky that I didn’t go any other route. Now seeing and experiencing the World of all possibilities I know it is possible to create all (everything one dares to imagine) while being the true self. The idea of sacrifice is necessary to get rid of everything that does not support truth. When the false masks are falling, has it been a sacrifice at all?

To really know is to experience. Experiment. Sacrifice is a choice, as all is choice. 

Dear inspiring friend, amazing mural artist and architect of probably the biggest fire sculpture on the planet – Andrew Johnstone told me that when he was little he would go with his father to the cemeteries in England and his dad would point out the dates, saying: “The numbers are not as important, as the dash in the middle: what are you going to do during that time between the dates of birth and death?!”

In the end each name has its own numbers and its own dash. But as a whole – the humanity we have the possibility to encourage and help each other (starting from ourselves) to create the boldest dash for each and every one of us. So when we are standing by a grave or in a columbarium or on a mountain top, we could feel how this place resonates and carries on courage, love, peace and harmony…or it doesn’t.

Are you conscious now to experience the reality as it is?  


For the final thesis during the architecture studies I researched burial traditions and architecture of Nekropolis to design a columbarium. I came to conclusion that the burial sites are not only for the dead, as the remains of the body need a limited space. But they are to be designed for the living – an environment to experience the altered state of mind.

The Columbarium project: HERE


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