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Today I was introduced to a japanese word “ikigai” through this wonderful recorded conversation between  Elizabeth Gilbert and Rich Fernadnez. From the same talk, I enjoyed the way Elizabeth described “pure creativity”:

“to make something more beautiful than it needs to be”

Later during the day, I was lucky to notice Misha Beiser sharing a moment with Marques Wyatt. A new discovery for me! Marques Wyatt’s talent of creating such a great flow of creation has been a wonderful companion for today – for concentrating and making my own art. Inspiration, like the words of Elizabeth Gilbert.

The abundance of information that is available to us, is incredible. The possibility to record, share, inspire and be inspired instantly – at the same time in almost every part of the World. Wonderful experience and balancing act at the same time!


Illustrating these few notes with the momentary drawings of the beautiful faces and great dancers at Bubbles & Bass during Burning Man 2017.

And please enjoy too:

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