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° Murel Murakas + Bikram Yoga Tallinn

After skipping an Estonian Winter for two years, I had forgotten the challenge of the dark and cold season of the year – keeping body warm and mind joyful.

My friend Murel Murakas seems to be not affected as much of the weather here (although she claims that it gets her too). But for sure less. Visiting her and joining her class in a 40° room, made me understand why. Even after few days I still feel great and energetic. And warm!

But the most joyful for the mind is to see a friend doing her thing and sharing her talent and caring nature with others. I met Murel in San Francisco, where she found and practiced yoga. After moving to Estonia, she and Mari Hanikat opened the first Bikram Yoga studio here.

If anyone would love to experience the feeling of Thailand weather for 90 minutes per day and strengthen both body and mind, join the class!

For the new students they have a good deal for 10 consecutive days!

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