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° Image of Sound

Lately, I have been observing how music affects the drawings I make. The sounds either create the mood (specially when dancing and making momentary drawings on a dance floor) or bring clear visions. While living in Thailand, I played with these mind images and drew them out, while my friend Pasha Vakabular was creating the music.

Today while I was making a collage from drawings captured at this year’s Burning Man, I was listening a track on Kimball Collins Soundcloud when the by now finished image appeared. I knew it would take few hours out of the work that I already had created to myself out of the air, but the curiosity in me followed the idea with an action. So I listened the track again, drew and played with the attention – selectively hearing the sounds and nuances with and behind the vocals. All beautifully complete!

After finishing, I recognized – funny, my next destination is Ravens Landing!

Ada – Faith (Moodwax and Kimball Collins Rebirth)

Thank you for inspiring!



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