in Thailand

° Erki Kaikkonen in the Land of Mangos




Erki found his way up on the hill. With his loving presence we enjoyed the fresh mangos of Thailand and Pu-erh tea from Yunnan.

As a gift he showed some new tips how to play jew’s harp. Also, he brought with him the warm feeling of the whole community which we are part of in Estonia.

While imagining the most sustainable way for any community to live together in one place, we silently tried to recruit Erki to build pyramids with us.

For a night we could keep him, but as the new day arrived, he followed the raven for new adventures.

We continued building.


Yesterday in the evening I finally experimented with making momos – a food, which beauty in form, serving and most of all – in taste, I so enjoyed while being in Nepal. I used this recipe and added a tip I got from Radha’s Zero Gallery Cafe in Pokhara – after steaming I very slightly fried the bottoms of the momos, to add a little crisp texture to the soft bite full of flavours.


The music, that supports this writing, is constantly changing and growing, so not possible to share the true feeling of the moments.
Still, some stops on the Way could be heard here.


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