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I made a cake, which recipe I got from Zero Gallery & Cafe in Pokhara, Nepal. The taste brought back the memories of this amazing place and most inspiring Radha Jung.

The first time I was passing by the building of the cafe aside Phewa lake, my body just stopped and the mind was in awe. I was just standing and observing at this perfect living collage of harmonious architecture, attracting smells of food, people sitting behind low tables, Enya singing through really nice sound system, trees in the garden and sign in front of the gate – “OPEN School – Free Korean language lesson and Free Painting Lesson (1 year old -149 year old) Come & enjoy”

I slept outside on a rooftop next to the cafe, so I had a perfect spying spot. I remember doing some stretching exercises, when I noticed that while the cafe was open – people coming in and going out, one woman was sitting on a grass in lotus position and meditating. At that moment I decided to see this place closer, but also not in hurry.

I enjoyed the day, took myself out on a lake with a rowing boat and when the Sun set, I went for a dinner there. The same woman who I saw earlier meditating, was taking the order. We talked few words and from interest I asked who is the architect of the building and she answered, that there are not much architects around, so she designed it herself.

The food was perfect – with simple ingredients, but so rich in taste and felt so fresh and healthy for the body. This place had got me. So after that evening I went there every day. I love to try new things and experience new places, but also, sometimes if I find the best, I just want to support it and invest everything I have at that moment, so the place could keep on existing and growing.

Add to the hours of enjoying good food, reading a book, drawing, meeting with friends, I also took part of the painting lesson. For my luck we were making wind kites, which I love. After decorating them, all of us kids ran to the lakeside and let the wind play with our toys. So much joy!

The last day in Pokhara, before going to the 10-day Vipassana retreat, I had a feeling that before leaving I have to give something to the woman (named Radha). A thing that was originally from Nepal, then brought to United States and given from hand to hand until it was given to me by Davis Galligan one morning in Black Rock Desert.

After gifting, I asked Radha if I could draw her. She agreed, sat down and told that when she was travelling in India, she was also documenting the journey through sketching. Also, while modelling for the drawing she shared with me the most valuable tip for the practise of Vipassana and for life: “Don’t try to be a good meditator, just relax and enjoy the process”.


While writing, I was listening Dee Iris mix, which I found from my mailbox this morning.


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