in Nepal

° Leave a better place

Notes from yesterday – I am looking at the Phewa lake in Pokhara. Few boats on the glittering water. Enjoying the last sun rays of the day and jumping on the weightlessness feeling of the birds, while they let ourselves carry on the last bits of the warm air.
I am everything in this moment – needing nothing to be or feel more, but I made a decision to still have the experience of doing a silent retreat. It will be interesting to set aside the pencil and paper for ten days. The longest time in the last 6 years, when I decided to draw every single day.
For that time of silence, I leave you with a knowing, that I have learned during my travels and what I am practicing everywhere. Here it goes – it is hard (almost impossible) to leave no trace, but it is always possible and quite easy to leave a better place! Just enjoy what you are doing and remember – we are what we think.